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What's the perfect size for your Facebook hero pic?

Websites are constantly being updated to accommodate the ever-changing graphical interface as much as the need to utilise the always newer coding. Facebook changes its display window all the time and one of the most recent changes involved the ever-vigilant header Image (Facebook Page Cover).

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Facebook Header Image


How can I read my email on all my devices?

An email account that supports IMAP is required. To put it in simple terms - IMAP leaves your email on the server making it accessible to all your devices, be it a smartphone, a tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

I have registered a domain name - what next ?

To setup a website you'll also need a hosting package. This is the place the files that create your website will be placed. Hosting packages vary in cost and functionality depending on your requirements.

What's the difference between RGB and CMYK?

RGB (Red, Green, Blue) is the typical color space used by electronic displays, monitors, pda screens, etc. In RGB, images are created by combining red, green, and blue light

CMYK is the primary color model used by color printers. So for flyers, brochures, advertising, newsletters, direct mail pieces, etc. CMYK creates different colors in a subtractive process using four colors or inks: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.

What is offset printing ?

Offset printing is a commonly used printing technique in which the inked image is transferred (or "offset") from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface.


What a fantastic looking ad! Well done to all the artists involved, it looks stunning!!! - Tracey
Hey, Isn't this fantastic, and I would suggest possibly a rarity, thank you Min for your great work. - Pam

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